Day Trading

Last updated on April 30th, 2017

We’re frequently asked…”What is your favorite market for day trading?”

Our answer has been consistent for over 10 years — day trading futures.

Day trading futures has provided the most consistent trading success in our experience.

It’s the right balance of liquidity, volatility and ease of execution.

Not to mention trade costs these days are well under $5 per round turn when day trading futures.

There are also multiple options when you consider what markets you should day trade.  This includes the indexes such as the S&P e-Mini.  Or, it could mean commodities such as favorites of ours which include Crude Oil Futures, and Heating Oil Futures.

There are international markets such as the Dax Futures and excellent alternatives to the S&P including the Russell e-Mini futures.

Learn Day Trading

There is of course a process to learn day trading futures.  These markets do take some experience to trade effectively and the most successful individual traders take their time to learn day trading fundamentals, technical analysis and a proven trading system.

Depending upon your current skill level we have some recommendations for you to start or continue your trading education.

We suggest you explore these links, articles and videos below.

Be sure to request the Free Day Trading system which will get you trading an
effective and consistent trading system that we use in our personal trading.

Beginning Day Trading

Intermediate Day Traders

Advanced Day Trading


Day Trading Videos

Day Trading StrategiesSave Your Trading BulletsForex Day Trading System


The Importance Of Day Trading Strategies

Day trading strategies are essential to successful futures day trading.

It’s not enough to have a trading chart and place a few indicators on the chart.  You need to have an overall day trading strategy before you take a live trade.

Typically for us this is a combination of indicators, some proprietary, and then a very specific rules set we use to interpret those indicators.  This becomes your system or day trading strategy and is what you will want to rely on throughout your trading day.

Day Trading Strategies

Anyone really interested in making some fast money should seriously consider day trading strategies

The reason why is because this type of short-term trading provides virtually anybody with the opportunity to make quick and easy profits from movements in the financial markets.  Read more

Forex Day Trading Systems

Many people are interested in day trading Forex. The reason why is because they are beginning to realize just how lucrative it can be to be involved with foreign currency day trading systems

That being said, very few people truly understand what it takes to be a successful trader.  Read more

How To Day Trade Online

No day trading guide for beginners would be complete without stating the observation that day trading is not only risky but can destroy your to day trade online

No matter how or where you learn to day trade, you run the risk of financial ruin and many have done just that.

Can that be avoided?  Read more


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