Consistent Profits Daytrading With Spotlight

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Daytrading with Spotlight Power Trader to make consistent profits is a pretty straight forward endeavor.

The key word in that phrase is ‘consistent.’ 

We trade the same way, with the same charts, following the same rules, with the same dynamic profit goals, each and every session.

I was going to post a bunch of screen shots but there were so many great examples that I thought it would be better to record a video walking through the trades that happened today.  This was a day that saw the markets sell off hard with Dow Jones Industrial average losing over 700 points.

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We Don’t Care What Happens

While we would prefer the market to go up 700 points, we have no control over that and as daytraders, we don’t care!  We just want the markets to move.

By consistently trading our approach the same way, we know that we are going to consistently make profits and grow our equity.

I recorded a walk through video of a number of Forex and futures day trades so I decided to break it up into two parts to make it easier to watch.

  1. Part 1 has examples of how we use the Spotlight Power Trader to trade Forex.
  2. Part 2 is how we use it to day trade futures.

As you watch these videos, notice how we don’t change anything except the chart we are trading.  Spotlight Power Trader is a model of consistency in both the way we use it as well as the results that it produces.

Notice how quickly we are able to achieve our trade plan goals and the overall goals of the strategy itself.

The Spotlight Power Trader has an overriding goal which is ‘to be able to quit a vast majority of our sessions while controlling draw down, with minimal and efficient trading.‘  While we would love to quit with a positive result 100% of the time, we have to be realistic.

We have to surrender to what we can’t control. 

Trading is risky and risk implies some losses.  Without risk though, we would not have the opportunity to make money trading.  The good news is that we don’t have to win 100% of the time to hit our financial goals.

We just have to focus on the goals of the Spotlight Power Trader and trade consistently as shown in these videos.

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