Day Trading Blueprint for Success — Crude Oil Inventory Report

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Our best day trading blueprint for success has to be our Crude Oil Inventory Report trade that we do each Wednesday.

Whether you use Counter Punch Trader as is the case with this video, or Spotlight Power Trader which works equally as well, the point is that this approach can be duplicated in other markets.

That’s exactly what we do when we day trade the e-minis, Forex, cryptocurrencies, etc.


7 Key Items Of The Success Blueprint

The day trading blueprint for success consists of the following key items:

  • Thoroughly battle tested trading plan, complete with start and stop time plus goals based on what the market decides to do that day
  • Methodology and for our Inner Circle group, that means either Counter Punch Trader or Spotlight Power Trader
  • Ability to execute without hesitation or reservation – lean on the proven day trading blueprint for success
  • Training and diligent practice
  • Belief Mindset; be a trader, not just someone trying to trade.  You have to believe in the strategy and plan to be able to successfully trade it.
  • Capital – Have enough in the account to weather the storm (losing streaks) that come with any trading strategy
  • Proper money and risk management.  This is so crucial that it is built right into the trading systems we use

If you can tie together the above components, you can consider that your blueprint for success when it comes to day trading any market.

There are many videos on our YouTube channel where you can see us trading this proven plan.

We do it every week in the trade room. 

If you can follow along, and witness it enough times, you’ll  start to believe in it which is a major step towards being able to succeed as a trader.

Watch our best day trading blueprint for success in action with today’s Crude Oil Inventory Report session with Counter Punch Trader


Spotlight Power Trader

Spotlight Power Trader also has its own day trading blueprint for success stories and we saw many of them during today’s session.

Since we’re talking about the crude oil inventory report though, check out how Spotlight handled the session today with this screenshot.  It was able to quickly get short after waiting the trade plan’s necessary 2 minutes after the report, and then quickly ran through all the targets, ending at a perfect Target 4.

  • Target 2 = + .16 for $160
  • Target 3 = + .22 for $220
  • Target 4 = + .28 for $280

A three contract approach, exiting one at each target, made + .66 for $660, ALL within ONE minute!  That’s what I would call a day trading blueprint for success!

For more information on how you too can use our day trading blueprint for success, contact us at and we’ll get back to you with the information you need to get started.

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2 Responses to “Day Trading Blueprint for Success — Crude Oil Inventory Report”

  1. Atul Thakur

    Great video. Can I trade oil Gold after hours say at 7pm at night with you strategy.

    • NetPicks

      We prefer to focus on 2-3 hour time periods where there is significant volume and volatility. You will always do best focusing on these time periods. There does tend to be more than one pocket of activity in a market, especially markets that trade more globally and not just inside the US.


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