Wash Rinse Repeat Crude Oil Trading

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You may be wondering why I continue to  post these consistently profitable Crude Oil Inventory Report trades with Counter Punch Trader virtually every week.

It’s not to brag – most successful traders are modest when talking about their trading results.

I show these trades to you so you are able to see the undeniable truth about trading:  a well tested and perfectly executed trading plan is the secret to trading success.

These weekly crude oil inventory trades have been so reliable that it’s often been accused of being boring.  There’s no suspense because it keeps winning.

Boring pays and we don’t trade for excitement.  We can go to the Grand Sabana in the jungles of Venezuela for that.

Can’t Trade Crude Oil From Here


No Pressure Trading

When I trade, I want to do so feeling no pressure what-so-ever.  A trading plan like this gives me that luxury and executing it assures me of being consistently profitable.  I just need to ‘lean on the system’ and let it do it’s thing.

As long as I can remain disciplined, well practiced, and run my trading like a business, the rest is up to the proven advantage (edge) my plan gives me as a trader.

While this may seem like a model of perfection, and as far as trading goes it’s pretty darn close, you will see in this video that I personally was unable to enjoy the fruits of my labors on this session.

While I was calling this session live and others in the trading room were taking these trades, I had execution issues with the Think or Swim platform and was unable to get in on this session.

Nothing is ever perfect with trading and every blue moon a trader will experience execution orders.

Consistently profitable does not mean guaranteed 100% profits. 

The good news is we don’t need perfection to achieve our financial goals as traders.


Recover From Frustrations

Another example of imperfection happened to me this morning while trading the NQ with Spotlight Power Trader.  I tried to execute a trade with Tradestation right from the chart and for some reason, the trade wouldn’t execute.

Nothing would happen.  No order, no trade.  Very frustrating at the time.

It wound up being a corrupted chart and after I created a new one, the problem was solved, but that was a missed trade and was a nice winner.  It happens!  It’s the world we operate in. There is no perfection.

‘m hoping that if I keep posting this trading videos of our weekly crude oil inventory report that are taken live in our trading room, it will show everyone interested exactly what the formula is for ongoing, trading success; a well tested, perfectly executed trade plan that puts the odds in our favor, each and every trade.

Consistently profitable trading is what you get when you use the Counter Punch Trader to trade the Crude Oil Inventory Report.  Here is this week’s session, live as seen in our traderoom.

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