March Ends With Another Crude Oil Winning Trade

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While many markets are going through turmoil in an uncertain climate, our weekly Crude Oil inventory trades continue to be an amazing income producer for those in our Inner Circle group of traders.

The trading system of choice for the Crude Oil inventory report trade is Counter Punch Trader which is at its best when we have higher volatility (think of the market during most news announcements) and that is why the trading plan continues to succeed.


Trading Goals Hit – First Trade

As I do most weeks, here is this week’s live crude oil inventory report trade episode, as seen in our live trade room. As usual, it was a very efficient session, hitting its goals with the very first trade.

Finely Tuned Targets

Notice how accurate the target was as the Counter Punch Trader tunes itself in real time to accommodate the current conditions in the market. That’s partly why it has been so successful for so long. It can never go out of style or stop working because it is based on pure price action.

As long as the price moves, the Counter Punch rings the register.

Volatility – Our Trading Systems Best Friend

The volatility after the Crude Oil Report is why this keeps working so well. With all the added volatility that has found its way into the markets in general, Counter Punch Trader, and my newest strategy, Spotlight Power Trader, are kicking butt all over the map regardless of what or how you trade

  • E-Minis
  • Commodities
  • Forex
  • Equities
  • Daytrading
  • Swingtrading

It is no mistake that our trading systems are so versatile.  When we designed our systems, our goal was to make them robust enough to adapt to any trader and their specific trading styles.  With this goal in mind, along with our extensive trading plans available to owners, we are proud to have assisted many traders in fulfilling their dreams of trading for a living.

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