Crude Oil Trading Plan Success – Week of July 16

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A futures market that gets a lot of attention from traders in our Inner Circle, is crude oil.

Crude oil futures is a very liquid market and when combined with our trading plans, can be a very consistent income generating market.

You are not limited to only trading the regular sessions but once a week, we have a bonus session where we trade the actual Crude Oil Inventory Report.

When the crude oil inventory report is released, we often experience volatility that when following our specific trading plan, can have you in and out of the market in minutes.


5 Winning Sessions

Our crude oil trading plan was nearly perfect this week posting a perfect 5 winning sessions and even won its bonus session, the Crude Oil Inventory Report.

2 Position Trading Results

  • Mon –  Our Power of Quitting Goals were reached with the first trade; + .22 = $220
  • Tue – PoQ goals were reached with 2 break even trades; + .02 = $20
  • Wed – PoQ goals reached with the first trade; + .25 = $250
  • Wed Inventory Report – Once per week trading session; goals reached with first trade; + .15; $150
  • Thur – PoQ goals reached with first trade; + .59; $590
  • Fri – PoQ goals reached with first two trades; + .25 = $250

Net Results

  • 5 winning trades
  • 2 break even trades
  • One partial losing trade
  • 6 straight winning sessions
  • $1480 per two contracts
  • Trading to Target 3 and / or Target 4 would have produced larger gains
  • Each session was finished in a matter of minutes

Remember that our goal with all of our trading plans is: to quit a vast majority of our sessions with a positive result, while controlling drawdown with minimal and efficient trading.

It was a very interesting week of trading with many of our main trading plans for day traders posting big gains, including our eMini tradeplans.


Spotlight Power Trader and Crude Oil Trading

This video recaps and walks through our Crude Oil trading plan trades with the Spotlight Power Trader.  This is the trade plan we do in the live trade room and was able to hit all new equity highs following our very tight and concise trade plan rules.

Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel  so you don’t miss the next crude oil trade plan video or any of the other videos we produce.

For information on how you can get involved with the Spotlight Power Trader, contact us at

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