Crude Oil Inventory Report – Champagne Bottle Trade

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The Crude Oil Inventory Report is one of the most exciting events of the week for us day traders especially with the Counter Punch Trader.

After today I was ready to pop the champagne  which seemed appropriate the way to price blew to its targets.

The champagne bottle trade is the best kind of trade:

  • Price is moving slowly and not making strong highs or lows
  • Interest in one direction starts to increase – the build up of pressure
  • The pressure is too much to contain and price explodes

There’s no better a feeling than when you take a trade and before you can blink, the price shoots up to hit your target. This is more common than one would think but the trick is getting in on the right side of the trade in time to catch the ride.

What that means is already having a position in place before the explosion.  If you wait too long, the move begins, you get a horrible entry price (slippage happens as well) and your risk increases to a point where the right trade, was no trade.

This is where the value of a well seasoned and battle tested strategy comes into play.

The Counter Punch Trader continues to put us in front of these explosive moves as well as our newer strategy, the Spotlight Power Trader.

This video is an excerpt from today’s trade room session, where as always, we traded the Crude Oil Inventory Report.  Once one has learned and practiced this strategy, it’s just a matter of leaning on the method and executing the trades.


Crude Oil Inventory Report Trades – Consistently Reliable

If you’ve been following along you would know by now how often our Crude Oil Inventory Report wins.

There are many videos covering this lucrative trade which features the Counter Punch Trader and the reliable trades it presents. Watch how we addressed yet another Crude Oil Inventory Report session which had us in, out and hitting our goals in barely a blink of an eye, as the cork flew straight through our targets, hitting our trade plan goals with the very first trade.

All we had to do was follow our rules without hesitation and by now, your confidence in this approach should be right where it needs to be to do exactly that.

When you have achieved a level of trading where you can just place the trade without hesitation or worry, knowing that your trading strategy gives you a distinct advantage, and the trade does what it did with today’s session, that is as close as you can get to perfect trading.


How About Gas

The Crude Oil Inventory Report and the standard crude oil trades are great but let’s not forget our Unleaded Gas Futures tradeplan with the Spotlight Power Trader.

This is another market that is worth focusing on especially if you are using STP (Spotlight Power Trader)

Today, using the exact same rules as we would with Crude Oil, it hit its goals with the first trade and then followed that up with two more big winners.

Unleaded Gas Futures
Unleaded Gas Futures

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