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In this week’s Options Trade Of The Week we are going to take a look at Chipotle (Symbol: CMG).

CMG released earnings here this week and the stock was up 25% intra-day. This was an $84 move higher which is a huge one day move.

Knowing that this type of price action leaves us with an overbought condition in the near term, we will look to sell a call spread.

I have recorded a video below which will walk through our thought process on the trade and also piece it together from start to finish.

Next week we will recap our open trades and also look to add a new trade of the week.

Questions?  Contact Me

If you watch the video and have any questions, please feel comfortable reaching out to me at  No question is silly and I have made it my mission to help anybody looking to trade in the Options market find some level of success.

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2 Responses to “CMG – Sell Call Spread Options Trade Of The Week”

  1. Michael Cates

    Just now received the CMG trade; in the video, you had a price of $2/spread but it is now at $1.50. Is it still a worthwhile trade?

    • CoachMike

      Michael the market has sold off here today and CMG is lower already for us. I would still be ok with the trade at $1.50. Once we get below that I would hold off and wait for the next trade opportunity. We don’t like to chase trades as it will impact our reward to risk ratio too much.


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