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Cryptocurrency Trading. What Side Will You Be On?

With the massive run in Bitcoin, Netpicks has had some inquiries about cryptocurrency trading and if it is something that we will take a look at for our Inner Circle members. Nobody can deny the popularity of cryptocurrencies especially after seeing Bitcoin run upwards for $3000 this week topping the... Read moreread more

The New Mini DAX Futures

Yep, that’s right. Eurex have just announced the introduction of a new product to their already successful futures lineup – the new Mini DAX Futures. On the rare occasions when an exchange releases a new contract of genuine importance, there is always likely to be a degree of anticipation and... Read moreread more

Trade the FOMC

Trading over big numbers or highly anticipated market events can be a point of contention. On the one hand there’s a great deal of movement and the opportunity to take some nice profits. On the other hand the increased volatility can be very erratic and cause traders to take some... Read moreread more

Know who’s trading and why

NFP days can be great to illustrate how markets move because they really have the potential to motivate traders to act. Not only is there the potential for a lot of movement, but there’s usually a good mix of different types of participant active in the markets – and it... Read moreread more

Preparing for Financial News

A big problem for many traders is that they want to simply apply one trading strategy to a market all the time. However, markets act quite differently depending on what’s going on technically and fundamentally. Without taking such factors into account, it’s easy to think that a strategy that loses... Read moreread more

Trading news using an Options Trading Strategy

Global headlines profit

One of the things I love most about using a powerful options trading strategy is the incredible flexibility that it gives me. If you are like me then you either have financial TV or radio on throughout the day. This means we are flooded with news and new trade ideas... Read moreread more

The Best Forex Trading Tools

When you’re just starting out, learning to trade Forex can be stressful and time consuming enough without having to find the best Forex trading tools online. There are literally thousands of websites offering various different tools to traders but that can be a problem. As a newbie, it’s easy to... Read moreread more

Much Ado About Nothing?

For the last few days, trading the ES (and other products) has been mildly lame. The promise of markets becoming busy again post Fed day last week (9/13/12) has been cruelly unfulfilled as of yet and the ES has done little other than balance around the top of the move... Read moreread more

News, News, News

Right now, clearly we’re having to deal with a lot of news stories coming out of Europe on an almost daily basis. As such we see elevated volatility. There’s a greater perception of risk and so people feel they have to act. But you know, when there’s an abundance of... Read moreread more

Day Trading News Spikes

Chasing price. Trade plans. The entire trading world has seen some crazy moves in the currency markets. Those that take a macro view know there is more to what’s going on than moves on a chart. Even with these wild events, you still must stick to a trade plan. It... Read moreread more

Trading Account Protection – Avoid a MF Global Debacle

I realize there could be some account holders that have determined that “MF” stands for something entirely different in the name MF Global based upon the news that has been coming out. Rather than spend the time here trying to discuss this latest financial market/broker debacle you can read some... Read moreread more