Will Bitcoin Remain King Of Digital Currencies?

November 1, 2018 is the 10 year anniversary of a revolution that has rocked the way many conduct business. This is the date when Satoshi Nakamoto posted his research paper to a small group of cryptography enthusiasts on an obscure website. Nakamoto’s paper described a form of digital money that... Read moreread more

These Companies are Leading the Bitcoin Investments Revolution

As investors and speculators, we’re all searching for the next “big thing” or the next “grand slam winner.” Unfortunately, these opportunities rarely occur.  Even when they do occur, it’s very difficult to capture the profits. For example, let’s take a quick look at Amazon. Any investor over the age of... Read moreread more

Will Bitcoin Completely Recover from its Recent Brutal Decline?

The recent price collapse in bitcoin (BTC) has caused many traders and investors to question the digital currency’s long-term sustainability. Will bitcoin recover from its brutal decline? What is the future direction of the digital currency universe? In order to answer these questions, let’s examine bitcoin from a technical analysis... Read moreread more

5 Biggest Misconceptions About Bitcoin

Bitcoin mania is alive and well to the point that “How to buy bitcoin” was one of Google’s most popular searches in 2017. One of the driving forces behind bitcoin’s popularity is the fact that it is a global phenomenon.  It is not confined to a few countries but instead,... Read moreread more

5 Stocks To Profit With During The Cryptocurrency Craze

With all of the excitement on Bitcoin these days it’s important as traders to look into how we can profit from the movement.  We have not seen something this volatile and potentially lucrative in the long and short term as we have with cryptocurrencies. Is Bitcoin going to $1,000,000? Is... Read moreread more

Cryptocurrency Terminology Decrypted

The public awareness of Bitcoin and alt currencies is increasing which is the first stage of public acceptance.  A simplified version of how growth occurs: Small % of the mainstream has awareness of X and growth is slow As news continues to cover X, more of the mainstream becomes aware and growth matures Once... Read moreread more

Major Issues For Bitcoins Continued Success

Since its inception in 2009, Bitcoin has overcome many obstacles and challenges. Without question, the digital currency is in much better shape regarding social acceptance versus eight years ago. It appears bitcoin is on its way to becoming used as a medium of exchange on a global basis. However, there... Read moreread more

Bitcoin Mania – Fairy Dust or World’s Global Currency?

During the past several weeks, it’s been almost impossible to avoid hearing or reading a story about bitcoin, particularly within the financial community.  It seems that “bitcoin mania” is sweeping the globe.  Given the fact that bitcoin is still in its infancy stage, there remains a number of unanswered questions... Read moreread more

Cryptocurrency Trading. What Side Will You Be On?

With the massive run in Bitcoin, Netpicks has had some inquiries about cryptocurrency trading and if it is something that we will take a look at for our Inner Circle members. Nobody can deny the popularity of cryptocurrencies especially after seeing Bitcoin run upwards for $3000 this week topping the... Read moreread more