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"Just want to say your service is unbelievable if what I see over the last few weeks is for real. I have spent so much money on seminars, gurus, etc., that don't have a clue how to trade. I was reduced to tears of frustration and ready to quit until I ran across your service. You'll never know how much I appreciate your guidance. Keep up the good work." - B.P.

"Let me tell you that I have enjoyed your services very much, and have learned a great deal." - M.G.

"Gotta tell you I love your picks - they have been so accurate and making me real money. I am very impressed with NetPicks - your insight and info. Thanks for all your help." - W.B.

"Your newsletter is keeping me from trading every day without a particular entry point. This will greatly improve my success rate! Thanks for a great newsletter! I am anxious to get up each morning to see the new DayTrade Scalps!!!" - B.N.

" investments have increased by 80% year to date, truly amazing performance, all thanks to NetPicks." - G. R.

"I have found that your evening and morning advisories are gems and no competitor is even close." - S. G.

"I have been a member almost from day one and I guarantee you I will be a member for life. Thank you very much!" - D. C.

"Great call (or should I say "put") on all of your shorts, especially BRCM. I made a 300% return on my Nov. 195 puts! My congratulations to you for your courage and willingness to truly produce winners (whether short or long)." - M. C.

"Thanks for showing me the OEX trades. Working great for me using the S&P E-minis." - E.C.

"Your training videos are excellent!!" - R.M.

"Received your recommendations this morning and followed them during the day, I must admit I was surprised that all of them did well. If this is what to expect from your service you may have a subscriber for life. Keep up the good work." - F.P.

"I have another trial week to go before my two week trial is up but I am so impressed with the NQ (Nasdaq) performance and your trading plan that I will subscribe to the quarterly plan." - J.S.

Welcome to NetPicks, LLC. NetPicks has been providing stock trading and option trading services for active online investors for eight years. Forex day trading now available.

NetPicks offers three trading advisory services:

  • NetPicks Stock & Option Trading Advisory
  • NetPicks DayTrader
  • NetPicks Forex DayTrader
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Free Two Week Trial of our Active Trading Stock & Index Newsletter Includes:

  • Daily IntraDayTrades
    Short-term stock trades opened and closed same day.
  • Multi-Day Swing Trades
    Portfolio review, market commentary and new trade set-ups focusing on multi-day and multi-week stock and option trading.
  • Index Trading
    Medium to long-term trading of the QQQ, SPY and Index Funds.

Two issues per day with everything the active trader needs to day trade or swing trade for weeks or months.

Trading System For:

  • S&P E-Mini
  • Nasdaq E-Mini
  • DOW E-Mini
  • QQQ Nasdaq Tracking Stock
  • DowJones EuroStoxx 50
  • DAX Index
  • Russell E-Mini
  • Treasury Bonds (30 year/10 year)
If you're an active investor, someone looking to trade every market day, then you'll want the NetPicks DayTrader - futures trading utilizing the popular S&P E-Mini, Nasdaq E-Mini and DOW E-Mini futures contracts along with popular European electronic markets and treasuries. Trading multiple times per day with the majority of the trades in the first two hours and last two hours of each investing day.

All trades are for day trading only and are not held overnight. You avoid all overnight risk and are ready each market day to implement our system on the E-Mini and QQQ markets.

Trading System For the Four Largest and Most Actively-Traded Currency Markets:

  • EUR/USD - Euro/US Dollar
  • USD/CHF - US Dollar/Swiss Franc
  • GBP/USD - British Pound/US Dollar
  • USD/JPY - US Dollar/Japanese Yen

Forex trading is growing exponentially. It's a true 24-hour global market that experiences volumes each day greater than anything seen in the stock markets. You can trade these markets electronically, without paying a commission (your cost is the spread between the bid/ask), and with tremendous leverage opportunities. New traders can even start with mini-sized contracts until they build up their equity and experience. On average we see two trades per day per market.

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