AAPL Sell Call Spread – Trade Of The Week

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Apple has moved higher 9 days in a row over the last 2 weeks and as a result, we are extremely overbought in the near term. While this doesn’t mean the stock has to move lower immediately, there is a good chance we see a period of consolidation over the next few weeks.

With this outlook in mind, Apple (Symbol: AAPL) is our newest Options Trade Of The Week with a sell call spread Options trading play


Sell Call Spread

In the video below, I will walk through our thought process on selling a call spread on AAPL and and also piece it together from start to finish.

Next week we will recap our open trades and also look to add a new trade of the week.


Questions About Trading Options?

If you watch the video and have any questions, please feel comfortable reaching out to me at mike@netpicks.com.  No question is silly and I have made it my mission to help anybody looking to trade in the Options market find some level of success.

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