90 Second Crude Oil Trade Win

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Another Crude Oil Inventory Report trade and our trading system, Counter Punch Trader, banked us (and our trading room members) a first trade winner with overall exposure time in the market of less than two minutes.

This is what successfully trading for living is about – repeating the same actions over and over again letting the positive expectancy of your trading system and trading plan play out over time.

These winning Crude Oil Inventory Report trades are not something we only do once and a while and post the winners.  You will find many more recordings of this very special trade plan on our YouTube Channel and right here in our trading tips blog.

You can reach out to us for more information at InnerCircle@Netpicks.com.

We love to answer questions and hear what other traders are interested in so please tell us what you’re trading, what you’d like to trade and we’ll see what we can do to help you achieve your financial goals.

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2 Responses to “90 Second Crude Oil Trade Win”

  1. Ben

    Great …..who does someone like me who is still reporting 8 hours a day to a location to perform a job get in on this?

    • CoachTJ

      Don’t be discouraged, Ben. Most people have the same problem. There are many ways to trade with our strategies including some low maintenance swing trading. Sounds like that would be right up your ally. Send me an email at tjnoon@netpicks.com and I could provide you with more details so you can at least start thinking about ways to make this work for you. — TJ


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