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Day Trading Diversification


Figure 1 – AAPL Daily Bars: Position Trading   We have all familiar with the saying, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. This has long been good advice as a risk management technique for holding a variety of investments within a portfolio. The idea behind this technique is... Read moreread more

Does a Perfect Day Trading System Exist?


Many people entering the trading ring are looking for the perfect system. The problem is…how can you even begin to judge which one is the best? You have a few options including using historical data to see how it performed in the past. You can also test it in a... Read moreread more

A Step to Becoming a Day Trading Expert


The Journey Is Long but the Road Is Short I am not the first and certainly won’t be the last to talk about the various stages of a trader’s development. From novice through to master trader, there are key aspects to attaining a higher level of competence much the same... Read moreread more

There Are Zero Guarantees in Day Trading


I know you have seen them… Those ads that promise you untold riches trading the currency exchange markets. Those ads that spout that taking money trading forex is like withdrawing money from an atm. You have probably read many articles on the blog and you know that trading any instrument... Read moreread more

Scalin’ n Trailin’


Simple Exit Strategies Ask yourself this- “How many times do I have a trade, which has moved nicely onside but failed to meet my target, then come back on me and either give me a scratch or a loss?” Then ask yourself this “If I had taken something on each... Read moreread more

Increase Your Day Trading Odds


As traders, one thing we love to do is trade. I am not trying to be glib but the thing that we love to do can also be a curse. Let me explain. Trading is nothing like any other job out there. If someone that works in an office shows... Read moreread more

What Do Day Traders Love?


Volatility It’s amazing how many people who don’t understand day trading at all say to me that trading must be awful. Some of the reasons they quote for their opinions are:- the markets are really bad and the economy is really poor, not to mention Europe’s growing list countries which... Read moreread more

Focus on Your Day Trading and You Will Succeed

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More and more recently, I have personally found myself doing lots of different things relating to trading. Clearly one of those is writing here! So much is going on that I really have to be organized to ensure that my trading isn’t adversely affected. This got me thinking. If it... Read moreread more

Learning from Professional Day Traders

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Focus on the Professionals 462 million. That is the number of results that come up when I googled the term, “learn how to trade.” Anybody aspiring to enter the markets certainly has a wealth of information to draw upon. I will hazard a guess that the majority of it is... Read moreread more