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simulated trading results
Aug22 Share

Use Simulated Trading The Right Way

  When new traders see positive simulated trading and then negative live trading, it can make you question the validity of sim trading. If you dig a little deeper and look at cause and effect, you begin to see that while virtual trading has issues, it’s not your problem. The… Read more

trading success tips
Aug18 Share

8 Steps To Potential Trading Success

So you’ve been trading for a while now, had some success and it seems like forever ago that you cracked open your first chart. You’ve learned about the markets; what works and what doesn’t and can carry on an intelligent conversation on most trading matters. You talk a pretty good… Read more

learn naked chart reading
Aug14 Share

Learn Naked Chart Reading

One of the great things about trading virtually “indicator-less”  is you can see in real time what is going on with current price without it hiding behind a mess of indicators. Naked chart reading is simply looking at a chart with next to no indicators on the screen. If your… Read more

trading profits
Aug10 Share

How To Take Trading Profits

Taking trading profits when they’re available is perhaps the biggest dilemma that a trader faces. Take your  profits too soon and you could leave too much money on the table. But if you miss the boat, you run the risk of your paper profits evaporating or even turning into a… Read more

trading mistakes
Aug06 Share

Proper Way To Be Wrong In Trading

There are lots of reasons why a trader might not execute their trading plan properly and not wanting to be wrong is a big one. If you have been trading for any length of time, you understand that it’s impossible to take winners 100% of the time and avoid all… Read more

trading mistakes you can fix
Aug02 Share

Trading Mistakes That Are Easy To Fix

Whether you have been trading for years, manage millions or are just starting, we all have something in common. We all make trading mistakes. Finding trading success is never a direct route and there are many pitfalls a trader can fall into. There are those mistakes that are easy to… Read more

trading exits
Jul29 Share

Know Your Trading Exits

We always hear sayings related to trading and often times we just take them at face value. Think of the popular trading rule related to trading exits of “trade the trend until it bends” and you will know what I mean. Obviously that does not apply to those who trade… Read more

options basics
Jul25 Share

Easy To Understand Option Basics

When I mention to people that I trade options, the response is usually, “That sounds way too risky for me.” That’s simply due to lack of knowledge because once they understand some option basics and how to trade them, people start to become a little less risk adverse in their… Read more

indicators for choppy markets
Jul21 Share

Avoid Choppy Markets With These 2 Indicators

In this article I’ll focus on one of those indicators that help us determine if we are in a trending or consolidating market, the Bollinger Band Squeeze. I’ll recap the components of The Squeeze, describe the rationale behind the indicator, and present an approach you can use to develop a… Read more

Jul20 Share

Nothing Beats Actual Options Trading Success Stories

You may be aware that NetPicks publishes a very popular Options Trading training program called the “Options Fast Track.” Not aware?   Start here and learn about our Options Hot List which will kick-start you in the right direction We constantly talk about the virtues of learning to trade options…. Read more