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options basics
Jul25 Share

Easy To Understand Option Basics

When I mention to people that I trade options, the response is usually, “That sounds way too risky for me.” That’s simply due to lack of knowledge because once they understand some option basics and how to trade them, people start to become a little less risk adverse in their… Read more

indicators for choppy markets
Jul21 Share

Avoid Choppy Markets With These 2 Indicators

In this article I’ll focus on one of those indicators that help us determine if we are in a trending or consolidating market, the Bollinger Band Squeeze. I’ll recap the components of The Squeeze, describe the rationale behind the indicator, and present an approach you can use to develop a… Read more

Jul20 Share

Nothing Beats Actual Options Trading Success Stories

You may be aware that NetPicks publishes a very popular Options Trading training program called the “Options Fast Track.” Not aware?   Start here and learn about our Options Hot List which will kick-start you in the right direction We constantly talk about the virtues of learning to trade options…. Read more

kagi charting
Jul17 Share

What Are Kagi Charts?

Several years ago we started using Range and Renko Charts with our systems here at NetPicks. This has piqued people’s interest in some of the other more esoteric chart types. It’s very much worth taking a look at our popular webinar – How to Trade with Renko Charts. However, in… Read more

trading mistakes
Jul13 Share

Most Common Trading Mistake People Make

A hard truth:  some people are not cut out for trading. They may not have the skill-set or passion required to make it as a trader. Although the vast majority of traders fail to achieve long-term success, most people probably don’t fall into this category. While there is certainly a… Read more

trading as a business
Jul09 Share

You Are Wrong If You Think This Is The Same As Trading

The fact that trading can be done at home with your laptop does not mean it’s the same as making money online. When people think of adding another stream of income, they often think of making money via the internet. Usually this will fall into some type of affiliate marketing… Read more

mechanical trading
Jul05 Share

Emotions And Mechanical Trading Systems

We here it all the time as traders:  Emotions will kill your chances of trading success. Anybody whose been in a trade and allowed emotions to dictate their course of action understand this to be true. Maybe it’s moving the stop further from oncoming price because you can’t emotionally handle… Read more

average trading goals
Jul01 Share

Being Average Is Easy

The hard truth is that people are prone to mediocrity. They talk a good game but in the end, they fail to move forward with any plan on attaining what they dream of the most. Even worse, they tend to criticize those that have the guts to take a giant… Read more

GBPUSD and the Brexit Vote
Jun27 Share

Forex Swing Trading and the Brexit

It’s impossible to ignore all of talk about the Brexit.  The moves in the forex markets were once in a decade (or more!) for the GBP crosses.  Have you seen the GBPUSD chart? One of the reasons we stress to traders that they should really consider forex swing trading over… Read more

stock options basics
Jun27 Share

Understand The Power Of Stock Options

Are you spinning your wheels trying to becoming a profitable trader? Are you unsure you are trading the right markets? If you are, please understand that you are not alone. Many people enter the trading world and most don’t understand that it’s a business that requires proper education. Let’s take… Read more