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Multiple Time Frame Analysis Techniques In Forex

The multiple time frame analysis technique is something that I am sure many traders have heard of. Whether it’s the structured Triple Screen Trading method or simply looking at a time frame 4x higher than your trading chart, this analysis can assist you in a trade decision. One thing that… Read more

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Worst Time To Day Trade Most Markets

One of the worst times to day trade is during the time when many traders take lunch and this is a good time for you to stand aside.  To go on further and elaborate a little on why I say this and to make the point, I wanted to focus… Read more

learn trading concepts for online trading
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Why You Should Learn Trading Concepts

If you could ask a successful trader one question, what would it be? I can assure you that most people would not ask about trading concepts or the best way to learn how to trade. To prove my point, pop into any of the trading forums that are on the… Read more

day trading strategies
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Find High Probability Trading Setups At These 4 Locations

You have heard about high probability trading setups and you probably wonder if they really exist.  Often times that term is used by marketers that say their trading strategies are high probability hoping to hook the novice trader with those words. Let’s define what that probability means: Probability is the measure… Read more

day trading guide for beginners
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6 Step Guide To Mastering Day Trading Like A Pro

You’ve been seduced by the rags to riches stories from day trading and decided that day trading for a living is something you are going to do. Even though statistics show the odds are stacked against you and the success rate is extremely low, that is not going to deter… Read more

price action trading reading warning signs
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Price Action Reversal Strategy Warnings

Many traders like to find ways to short the tops and buy the bottoms so they seek out price action reversal strategies so they catch the turns. There is a time and place to use a reversal strategy and the key is to know when the move is failing. More… Read more

5 steps to a successful trading journey
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5 Steps For A Successful Trading Journey

Creating a trading plan and then trading it might see to be a simple enough thing. However, if you want to make a real go of trading it’s often a much more involved task. Simply turning up and trading a strategy may work sometimes, but in order to achieve a… Read more

jumping into trading
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Look Before Leaping Into Trading

Before heading into the trading world, there are some basics you should know.  This article is going to touch on several basic variables that you will have to consider before you jump into trading either as a career or a part time hobby. First, what will be your trading approach?… Read more

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9 Ways To Handle Uncertainty In Trading

Humans are programmed to like certainty.  We’ve all had times where something that “should” have happened doesn’t and we all know that feeling of annoyance that creeps up.  If what happens is something we really didn’t want, well, annoyance blows into anger for some. Why do we get annoyed?  Because… Read more

Keep your trading simple
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Keep Your Trading Simple Like The Big Players

Over the years, much has been written in these trading articles about how simple trading can be.  This does not translate to “easy” however simple still works in trading. It’s not just a play on words but hammers home that the work you do to find trades, manage risk, and… Read more