Getting to Know NetPicks: Troy Noonan

My name is Troy “TJ” Noonan and I’m a trader and trade coach for I’ve been trading since the early 90’s when I used to wait for my paper charts to arrive each day in the mail. In those days, $50 commissions were considered low. I had some early success, backpacked my way through Europe with my winnings, and wound up meeting my wife of 15 years as a result.

Today, I’m happy to say, I work for this great company called NetPicks. I came in as a customer and learned a ton from them. In fact, it was a humbling experience because I thought I already knew so much, but one thing that happened was that I kept coming face to face with alot of the same questions. In the long run facing those questions helped me grow and I was fortunate enough to one day be invited into the NetPicks family of traders. Now, I not only get to trade for a living, but I also develop and analyze trade systems, I coach other traders and I host a live trade room where I call live trades out loud, in advance, for my members to act upon, each and every day.
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