Trader Coach Profile: Shane Daly

Q: What do you trade (market/timeframes)?
A: I got started in Forex mostly due to the low initial capital required. I am not a fan of demo accounts and thought that would be the best way to learn to trade. I eventually started to enjoy the nature of FX and trade it to this day. I diversify with both day and swing trading. I am looking at other markets to trade outside of currencies. Given the success some have had with TY, I may take a look at that. I keep my focus on four currency pairs… GBPJPY, GBPUSD, EURUSD, EURJPY.

Q: Where are you from? Where do you currently live?
A: Toronto, Canada is where I am from and currently live. However, the call of the west coast is mighty tempting. That is the great thing about being a trader…you can live virtually anywhere you choose.

Q: Why did you become a trader?
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2 Responses to “Trader Coach Profile: Shane Daly”

  1. Jim Walsh

    A couple months ago I contacted you about a program you gave away several years ago called tradetrack. I’ve tried using it several times but I have problems getting the calculator to function properly. I was wondering if you had any instructions on how to use it. I also wondered if you updated it to calculate the profit/loss to 2 places right of the decimal and the buy and sell to 5 places.
    When I contacted you before who ever replied said you gust called it something spreadsheet but I would call it more of a database
    thanks for any help

  2. mustafa said

    i want to be good binary options trader


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