Getting to Know… Coach Keith McKenzie

Mark: Where are you from? Where do you currently live?

Keith: Born and raised in southeast Michigan, I currently reside in Commerce Twp Michigan with my wife Mary and our 2 daughters Ally and Nikki.

Mark: What do you currently trade (markets/timeframes)?

Keith: I’m trading crude oil on a 377 tick chart following TJ’s trade plan listed in the owners club, I’m trading options on a variety stocks on my watch list and I’m swing trading the GBPUSD and the EURUSD.

Mark: Why’d you become a trader in the first place?

Keith: I used to be an insurance agent, and the company I worked for forced me to get all the licenses to become a financial advisor, so now I had my customers retirement money to manage and I realized that our companies managers ( who were telling us where to put our customers money) did not have a clue what they were doing. So I developed my own system using moving averages and it worked really good and I loved it. Thats when I realized that trading was for me.

Mark: What system are you currently trading now… and why?

Keith: I’m using the SST for my Crude oil and option trading. The SST does a great job controlling risk and it recovers nicely after a few losing trades by letting the winners run. I use the UST “One Day Swing Trade” method trading my forex pairs because its a great way to make some money while I sleep.

Mark: How many other courses did you try before seeing success with your current system?

Keith: Without naming them I can think of three, two of them were very expensive and one of them had a ES auto trading system that was great optimized with backtested data but could not make a dime in live trading. I also tried a few forex robots with zero success.

Mark: How did you become a NetPicks Coach and what inspired you to get involved?

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