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Trading Head And Shoulders Chart Pattern

trend reversal head and shoulders

Trading the head and shoulders chart pattern in the common way is to treat it as a reversal pattern.  It is probably ranked as close in popularity as the various triangle patterns that can be on a chart.   What Is A Head And Shoulders Chart Pattern The pattern is... Read moreread more

12 Powers To Successful Trading


Despite what all the marketing hype says, successful trading is not something that just magically appears one day. You won’t plug and play a trading system or strategy on a Monday and find yourself sitting in the winners circle on Tuesday.   Trading Success Is A Never Ending Process It... Read moreread more

5 Most Popular Trading Tips Blog Posts At Netpicks

most popular

One thing that makes our trading tips blog unique is that the content is written by real traders. At Netpicks, virtually everybody you will deal with trades markets such as Futures, ETFs for long term wealth building, Forex, and even Options.  We know what traders go through, the challenges we... Read moreread more

Trading Drawdown – Can You Live Through It?

equity curve with draw down

Do you know what gets ignored when people write about trading? Living through a trading drawdown. Traders understand that their account will ebb and flow (just like the price on the chart) but when their trading account starts to look like a bear market due to an extended drawdown period,... Read moreread more

Summer Trading And Low Volume

summertime trading

Trading over the summer months can be hit and miss at times. Some years it can be great, but many other years it can be slow and dull with low trading volume. Big traders and fund managers etc. will take off this time to enjoy it with their families and... Read moreread more

Trading Journal Spreadsheet Is A Career Saver


Many successful and professional traders talk about how important it is to keep a trading journal spreadsheet. In the “boss-less” environment of the at home trader, keeping a trade journal keeps you on your toes knowing that at the end of the day, your results are still being measured even... Read moreread more

How To Build Custom Trading Indicators

Build Custom Trading Indicators

Out of the box trading indicators are a common sight on many trading charts.  Whether it’s a 50 SMA, MACD, or the Stochastic Oscillator, indicators make up a large part of many trading strategies. Many traders also use custom indicators that they’ve built from the ground up.  While that may... Read moreread more

411 On Exchange Traded Products

SPY ETF vs. the S&P 500 Stock Index (SPX)

Exchange-traded products (ETPs) have grown in popularity as more products have become available and more traders have become aware of their benefits. ETPs look like stocks, trade during market hours on stock exchanges, and provide similar trading opportunities including order types (market, limit, stop, etc.), short selling, and options. How are ETF’s different than stocks?... Read moreread more