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It Doesn’t Stop At Trade Entries

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Many traders are looking for the perfect trading setup thinking the setup and trade entry is the key to success.  To all those people who believe that is the missing variable and once found their path to riches will be shown:  Trade entries are just one element to a successful... Read moreread more

Consider These 5 Things When Changing Markets


If you have been in the business of trading markets, you’ve no doubt not only jumped trading systems and strategies, but also markets. Netpicks offers trading strategies that makes approaching different markets quite easy.  In the right hands, it allows traders to find markets they are comfortable with, in the... Read moreread more

Use A Trading Indicator With Price Action


Trading indicators as a form of technical analysis are an important part of the trading system and strategy of many traders.  Whether traders are looking for a way to determine a trend or a buy/sell signal, technical indicators are the first line of offense that they use. I know we... Read moreread more

Here Is How We Trade Options – 5 Ways To Profit


You may not want to trade Options for a living but having options trading as part of your overall trading portfolio is a strong way to diversify your trading business. Our approach to trading options will be a little different than what most traders are used to seeing and we credit... Read moreread more

6 Uses Of Relative Strength Index (RSI)


One of the most popular technical indicators has to be the relative strength index (RSI). I didn’t just make that up as I read a survey done with users of the Bloomberg Professional Terminal and the RSI was the top ranked trading indicator used on that platform. You could toss a... Read moreread more

5 Reasons Why Price Action Won’t Save You

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Price action.  I’ll admit that if a trader is having trading issues, I will usually ask them about their experience with trading price action and if they are applying that skill to their trading strategy. The problem is, we have to remember that understanding price action trading will not fix... Read moreread more

Never Ignore These 10 Variables For Trading Focus

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Have you ever had trading sessions where when the ink is dry, you know you could have done better?  Maybe you missed a perfect trade setup, stepped outside your trading plan, or simply had a moment of fogginess where you drew a blank while starting at the charts. You are... Read moreread more

Your Fake Motivation Will Hold You Back

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You know what people are great at?  Talk.  I know you’ve had conversations with someone who rattled on about doing this…doing that…….and they actually were pretty convincing. You know what people are not great at?  Taking action.  I’m talking about the hundreds of hours (10,000??) spent diving headfirst into accomplishing... Read moreread more

Every Trading System Needs A Trade Plan

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You just picked up the latest and greatest trading strategy and have started to trade it. You have already shot yourself in the foot for any long term success.  You may as well write a check to your favorite charity for the balance of your trading account. Bold statement? Absolutely,... Read moreread more

How Would You Like To Trade Like This?


There was such a great response to my 2 Minute Crude Oil Trade post and the trading video I did for it that I wanted to highlight a few more trades. I know you probably see some of these types of trades on trading blogs but here is the difference:... Read moreread more